How To Avoid Getting Your Instagram Proxies Blocked


Updated on: March 20, 2024

Digital Marketers and account managers depend on Instagram proxies to create engagement and reach Instagram’s 2 billion monthly users. Instagram proxies allow users to bypass IP restrictions and bans to access their accounts or create new ones. However, even the best Instagram proxy can still get flagged and blocked by Instagram if spotted. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to avoid getting your Instagram proxies blocked.

I believe anyone searching for Instagram proxies, first of all, knows what a proxy is. Therefore, I am not going to waste much time talking about proxies in general. Let’s dive into Instagram proxies and how to prevent them from getting blocked. 

Understanding Instagram Proxies

An Instagram proxy is a proxy server that acts as an intermediary between your device and Instagram’s servers. Just like every other proxy, Instagram proxies take user requests and forward them to Instagram on behalf of the user. Thereby, creating the impression that the proxy IP address rather than the real user made the request. 

Instagram users do not require proxies to create or manage their accounts. However, proxies allow users to stay anonymous and bypass IP blocks and geo-restrictions among other benefits. This makes them a must-have tool, especially for digital marketers and account managers looking to expand their reach. 

Common Reasons for Proxy Blocks

Just like your real IP address, your proxy IPs are also susceptible to IP restrictions. What’s more, Instagram has a strict policy against the use of proxies on its network and will punish offenders for breaching this policy. This may come in the form of temporal blocks or an outright ban. Let’s look at some common reasons why Instagram might impose IP restrictions on your proxies. 

Incorrect Proxy Configuration

Instagram proxies allow users to anonymously access Instagram by masking their real IP address. This is done by taking requests from the user’s device and forwarding them through a proxy server. Therefore, instead of the user’s real IP address and device, Instagram will see the proxy IP address. 

However, this can be compromised if the user, or proxy provider fails to configure and optimize the proxies for Instagram. Using the incorrect configuration can cause IP leaks and reveal your real IP address to Instagram. This will ultimately lead to your IP address getting flagged as a proxy and then blocked from accessing Instagram. 

Excessive Activity

Integrating Instagram proxies with bots is one tried and tested way to create engagement on Instagram. However, your proxy IP as well as your bot will raise suspicion and subsequently get blocked if you are doing too much. This is because Instagram prohibits the use of third-party automation tools in a bid to keep engagement on the platform organic.

While there is no official limit for user activities on Instagram, doing too much than the average human user can will raise questions. Setting up your bot to auto-like certain content or follower users can take off some of the hustle of managing your accounts. However, excessively liking post after post, following, or unfollowing will get you kicked out for sure.

Changing Locations Rapidly

To the best of my knowledge, teleportation is still a fantasy we see in sci-fi movies. You would agree with me that a human cannot magically move across cities or countries within seconds. If this is not possible in real life, then any user who is changing locations randomly is definitely doing something fishy. 

Instagram proxies, especially the residential type allow users to target any location in the world. However, apart from your IP address, Instagram also keeps a log of your location on its servers. Due to this, rapidly changing the location of your IPs will get your IPs flagged for suspicious activity and ultimately get blocked. 

How To Protect Your Instagram Proxies From IP Blocks

Now that you know some of the common reasons why Instagram might come after your proxies let’s look at how to avoid getting blocked. 

Use Reliable Proxy Provider

If you search the phrase “buy Instagram proxies” on Google right now, you will see countless providers offering “the best proxies” in the world. However, not all of these providers live up to expectations. While some offer usable but poorly performing proxies, others provide proxies that are just not worth a penny.

Buying proxies from the wrong provider can leave you with already blocked proxies or proxies that get blocked the moment you hit Instagram’s server. Therefore, you must consider the reputation and track record of your proxy provider before making any commitment. 

Check Proxy Configuration

Buying proxies from reliable providers is very important. However, even the best Instagram proxy can be detected if you configure it wrongly. Instagram spends millions to develop and implement new technologies to flag and block proxy IPs. Hence, you must ensure that your proxies are configured correctly to mask your real IP before using them on Instagram.

Also, ensure that rotating proxies are configured in such a way that they do not rotate too frequently to raise suspicion. While rotating your IPs regularly can ensure that you remain anonymous, doing it too fast can get your IP range flagged and subsequently blocked. 

Emulate Human Behavior

Instagram proxies allow users to bypass IP restrictions among many other restrictions on Instagram. Yet, it does not exempt users from restrictions due to excessive activities like bulk liking or following. Therefore, users must try their best to emulate real human behavior as much as possible, especially when automating with bots

 A typical human user will click on the many buttons on Instagram only a few times within any given time period and in no particular order. Therefore, configure your bots or automation software to mimic a human as closely as possible to avoid giving off red flags. You can set up your bot with random intervals between clicks, likes or followers to keep your bot and proxy under wraps.  

Avoiding Instagram Proxy Blocks and Twitter Proxy Blocks: Similar?

When it comes to avoiding Instagram proxy blocks and Twitter proxy blocks, the strategies are similar. Both platforms require users to use reliable and secure methods for Twitter proxy block prevention. It is important to use reputable proxy services and to avoid suspicious or spammy behavior to prevent getting blocked on either platform.


Instagram proxies allow users to bypass IP restrictions while working on Instagram. However, that is not to say that proxy users are free from IP bans. Instagram spends millions to spot and block proxy IPs by reviewing and investigating user activity on their site. Therefore, misconfiguring your IPs, doing too much or changing locations too quickly can get your IPs on the chopping block. 
To ensure that your Instagram proxies stay functional, mimic human behavior and ensure that your IPs are configured correctly. Most importantly, ensure that you buy your proxies from a reputable proxy provider. This will save you the trouble of receiving already-blocked IPs or proxies that are easy to detect to avoid getting your Instagram proxies blocked.

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