July 25, 2023

How To Choose the Best Proxies For Instagram


An Instagram proxy is a handy tool for business owners, influencers, and individuals looking to expand their reach. However, even in the right hands, the wrong proxy is as useful as a trowel in a first-aid box. How do you choose the right Instagram proxy then? If this is the question on your mind then you are at the right place. Stick with me and let’s look at where and how to choose the best proxies for Instagram.

As the name suggests, an Instagram proxy is a proxy for Instagram proxy-related use cases. Just like any other proxy, an Instagram proxy acts as a middleman between your device and your target server. This allows users to access the social media platform anonymously without revealing their true identity or IP address. 

Why Do I Need the Best Instagram Proxy?

Instagram does not require users to access their platform with proxies. However, proxies are a must-have, especially for business owners and social media managers. Why? The short answer is an Instagram proxy can be the difference between the success of your online venture and getting banned. With that said, let’s look at the benefits of using a proxy for your Instagram. 

Evade IP Bans

Just like every other social media platform, Instagram operates on stringent community guidelines and spends millions to deploy policies to keep its platform safe. One such policy is the sniffing and blocking of users that access the platform with bots and automation tools. Once your IP is flagged as suspicious, your access to the platform can be restricted or banned permanently. 

However, you can get access back to the platform and your accounts by just switching over to an Instagram proxy. Since an Instagram proxy masks your real IP and sends requests on your behalf, you will appear as a completely different user. 

Manage Multiple Accounts

Instagram also puts a cap on the number of accounts a user can manage. While this might not be a problem for the average user, social media managers may find themselves wanting. Depending on the size of an organization, a typical Instagram manager may handle up to 10 accounts which is 5 more than what is allowed. Yet, going above this limit is a sure way to get your accounts and IPs blocked.

Yet again, proxies are there to save the day. With Instagram proxies, you can dedicate unique IP addresses to each of your accounts. This will create the impression that different a different user is accessing the platform from a different device. 

Ad Verification On Instagram

Every business’s primary objective is to maximize profits while minimizing expenses. Therefore, it is counter-intuitive to spend thousands on advertising that in the end yields no results. It is therefore imperative for business owners to verify that get what they pay for by making sure their ads on Instagram are well displayed. 

Instagram proxies allow users to track ads within specific geographic targets and identify fraudulent influencers and ensure genuine engagements. Moreover, proxies enable you to anonymously keep a close eye on your competitors’ advertisements within your target market, allowing you to stay informed and competitive in your industry.

Instagram Automation

Succeeding on Instagram as a business requires constant engagement with your clients and potential clients. This requires the use of bots and other automation tools to schedule content and interact with your audience. However, using third-party automation tools and bots will consequently result in a ban as it goes against Instagram’s community guidelines. 

Bummer right? Luckily, Instagram proxies are there to save the day. By combining the right proxy with the right automation tool, your bot can appear as a legit human and bypass Instagram’s anti-bot techniques. 

What is the Best Proxy Type for Instagram

All proxies do basically the same job acting as a middleman between your device and the internet. However, not all proxies are “born” the same way. This makes some proxies the very best for Instagram use cases where others might not be the most appropriate. Let’s look at the best proxy types for Instagram.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are the most common type of proxy you can get today. They are generated from data centers across the globe. They are easy to generate so proxy providers usually have them in huge quantities and sell them for cheap. 

However, the same thing that makes datacenter proxies readily available also makes it less ideal for Instagram usage. Datacenter proxies are registered to the data centers they are generated from. Therefore, Instagram’s anti-bot mechanisms are easier to spot and block when you access their platform. Nevertheless, datacenter proxies are ideal for small and low-budget Instagram use. 

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies unlike their datacenter counterparts are leased from owners of real internet devices like smartphones and computers. Some proxy providers also lease them directly from ISPs across the globe. This makes them nearly impossible to be blocked by Instagram’s anti-bot techniques. 

Since they are real IP addresses of real devices, they hardly raise suspicion on the platform. They also give users the ability to select IP addresses from their target location, allowing them to view content based on location.

However, residential proxies are usually pricier when compared to datacenter proxies. This can be a turn-off for some proxy users. But, that is not to say that residential proxies are not worth the price tag. Depending on the use case, the benefit of using residential proxies usually outweighs the cost. 

What Should I Consider When Buying Instagram Proxies?

Instagram proxies can be a game changer when used right. However, buying the wrong proxy for your Instagram project will leave you down on cash with no benefit. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the perks to look out for when buying Instagram proxies.

Speed and Performance

Digital marketing is a fast-paced environment that requires little to no lag. Hence, succeeding on Instagram requires fast and reliable proxies to handle the high volumes of data transfer. Therefore, buying slow and unreliable proxies will not only let you down cash but take you out of the competition as well.


Proxies allow users to target countries, states and even cities. This is vital to users looking to verify Instagram ads in specific locations or monitor their competitors to enhance their own strategies. It is therefore important to look for a provider with geotargeting features to be able to buy proxies in your preferred region.  

Pool Size

You must also consider the size of the proxy pool offered by your provider. Even though a larger pool does not automatically mean you are going to get fresh IP addresses, it reduces the risk of having already banned IPs. A larger pool size also means more available IP addresses, which can reduce the risk of detection by Instagram’s anti-bot mechanisms. 


Buying anything new on the internet comes with its own set of challenges and proxies are nothing different. This is why it is important to test your Instagram proxies to ensure they work before making any huge commitment. Imagine spending thousands to buy proxies and then realizing that half the proxies in your pool are already blocked on Instagram. 


Another factor to critically consider is the cost of your proxies. Proxies undoubtedly offer a lot of benefits when used right. However, it is not financially wise to buy overpriced proxies for your Instagram project. Especially when there are other providers offering equally or better performance at a more reasonable price. 


An Instagram proxy is a vital add-on for business owners and social media managers looking to succeed on Instagram. Instagram proxies can be combined with bots for Instagram automation to manage engagement. They can also be used to handle multiple accounts on the platform as well as verification ads without getting banned.

Yet still, purchasing the wrong kind of proxies will ultimately get you banned. It is therefore imperative to use the best Instagram proxies. Now, that you know how to choose the best proxy for Instagram, what is next? Try out our residential and datacenter proxies for just $2.

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