December 24, 2021

Residential Proxy Use Cases

Residential Proxy Use Cases

Residential proxies are getting more user-friendly, accessible, and thriftier by the day, especially when it comes to KocerRoxy. But what about practicality? How are they used?  Let’s take a closer look at the most typical residential proxy use cases.

You should be aware, as a business owner or entrepreneur, that certain aspects are critical to the success of your business. Besides reliable statistics, there is trademark protection, pricing, ad verification, and the like. If you want to learn how to use residential proxies to locate new business prospects and generate money on the Internet, keep reading to find out all you can do with them.

Ad Verification

Advertising games are evolving right now, and not necessarily for the better. Companies and performance marketers have experienced the problem of high advertising expenditures without producing results. Residential proxies remain one of the most effective ways to analyze your competitors’ ads and landing pages, detect fraud, and generally improve the effectiveness of your ads.

Ensure that the statistics in your campaign are accurate by replicating real consumers in the city or nation where your campaign is running. Using the IP addresses of real users will make you look like a genuine client, and you will be able to gather relevant data about advertisements and links from around the globe.

Brand Protection

Your daily operations must include protecting your brand. Logos, concepts, inventions, and brands, although intangible, require time to develop and even longer to acquire awareness. A person or corporation could undo all of this hard work if they misrepresented, misappropriated, replicated, or resold these copyrighted works.

Keeping your brand safe will help your business run smoothly. After putting in a lot of effort to launch your company, build up platforms, and get recognition, it is in your best interest to protect your data and ensure its security. KocerRoxy provides the best proxy servers to secure your brand’s data.

Data Scraping

Data scraping is one of the most common residential proxy use cases. Large data sets are necessary for companies to be competitive and offer their customers the best products and pricing. Most businesses collect data regularly. Accurate data collection is a critical component of their corporate growth strategy. You may gather price information by collecting data from e-commerce websites.

You can use proxies from all around the world to mine data and evaluate various scraping methods without any constraints. Also, you can use remote DNS without revealing any sensitive data. Residential proxies are extremely quick, allowing you to use many connections at once while meeting project deadlines in the shortest amount of time.


The accuracy of rank tracking, translations, local listings, or Google’s mobile-first index is crucial. Using country, city, ISP, and ASN-specific IP addresses can significantly enhance your findings.

Achieving success in SEO infrastructure can be difficult. The web itself functions across a plethora of international borders. However, having access to many nations, cities, and their ISPs gives you an advantage over the competition

Google’s search engine employs complex algorithms to avoid spam and misuse. With the appropriate tools and specialized residential proxies, you will be able to keep ahead of the competition, rank, and enhance your online visibility across multiple search engines.

Website Testing

Testing websites is the responsibility of engineers, developers, and quality analysts. The success of a website is dependent on the proper operation of its code, advertisements, and online apps. Conducting reliable testing requires setting up the appropriate parameters and environment.

When developing an optimal testing environment, analysts must replicate real consumers. To do this, you must utilize the appropriate software, acquire device fingerprints, and assign geolocated IP addresses. When you use a proxy network service in conjunction with any automation tool, you can simply evaluate the performance of your website. You wish to test from different geographical places. Hence, the need for residential or datacenter proxy servers.

Travel Fare Aggregation

Aggregators gather data by scraping publicly available websites for information on airline costs, best hotel/motel alternatives, and aircraft departure timings. However, without the use of proxies, this is not feasible. Why? Website owners invest thousands of dollars in integrating technologies that impede the optimal performance of aggregators.

Travel agencies and companies also acquire a massive quantity of data from websites. Websites such as these aim to prevent bot access and maintain their competitive edge. You always have an ace in your sleeve with KocerRoxy.

Social Media

Digital optimization, social media marketing, and automation are still the hottest trends. Also, they are all residential proxy use cases. Whether you are handling multiple social media accounts or developing brand awareness, KocerRoxy has a solution for you. Use the power of hassle-free residential proxies, erase action bans and other forms of limitations. It is time to be boundless within the social network of your choosing.

Residential proxies represent actual household IPs and hence appear to be real users. The network is ideal for creating social media and other forms of accounts. Proxies work seamlessly with Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forms of automation, allowing you to completely unleash your possibilities in the field of social media marketing.

Sneaker Copping

Most sneaker sites prohibit datacenter proxies and bots. There are some new releases from Nike in which they completely ban datacenter proxies. Also, residential proxy networks are less blockable. 

KocerRoxy proxies are ideal for use with bots such as SupremeSlayer, AIO Bot, Another Nike Bot, BetterNikeBot, EasyCop Ultimate, Solesayer, SuperCOP Bot, SoleSeeker, and SneakerBot4All.


Make sure to keep an eye on your use cases. If yours isn’t listed here, contact KocerRoxy and tell them more about your specific use case. KocerRoxy joyfully increases the spectrum of use cases by delving further into its essence, conducting numerous tests, and gaining more in-depth technical information on the benefits and drawbacks of each use case.

As you can see, there are several applications for residential proxies. And these were just the most common residential proxy use cases. Furthermore, most of them are beneficial to any business or entrepreneur. Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Then get the best geo-targeted proxy service for your company!

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