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Our Datacenter proxies support HTTP(s) and Socks5 (in beta so may not be compatible with all) while our Residential proxies support HTTP(s) and Sock5.

We don't provide free trial. However, we have a 2$ trial which will give 1 day datacenter of your choice of region with 250 threads and 400 MB of Residential proxies to try.

500 threads in Datacenter general plans but users can buy custom plans with their require threads upto 2000 threads while no limit in Residential.

We have two pools in Datacenter namely, US pool and European Mixed pool and each pool has 15K proxies and one worldwide pool in Residential which has 11 million proxies.

We have a strict no refund policy. Before purchasing higher plans, you are free to try our service by purchasing the 1 day of datacenter and/or 1 GB Residential to test our service. No refund policy also includes that bought plans cannot be converted to credits.

Our datacenter proxies can only be used by binding to an IP while Our Residential proxies can either be used in the form of User:Pass proxies or by authenticating it to an IP.

No. Customers are not allowed to resell the proxies without prior permission from the management. In case of any such reports or discovery, we will terminate all the existing plans with no refunds.

It can be found at https://kocerroxy.com/tos

Please read our privacy policy by visiting: https://kocerroxy.com/privacy

No. It defeats the purpose of keeping time-based plan and not bandwidth. You can use unlimited bandwidth within the time you purchased the plan for.

We only accept payments in the following cryptos as of now: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BCH. If you do not have any from the mentioned above, please use third party exchangers.

No. A new plan only gives you the option to bind to a new IP or increase the thread limits. All the plans are connected to the same respective pool from which the proxies are drawn.

Rotating proxies are those IPs of which recycles at every request. It doesn't mean refreshing of proxies. In some cases, they rotate with every new request while in others they rotate every 1 minute. Our proxies rotate at every new request which means no two consecutive requests will have the same proxy.

Residential proxies are real residential IPs which are bought/rented directly from actual ISPs to be used for commercial purpose. They give an impression of a real person using the IP which prevents sites from flagging as malicious.

These proxies are commercial IPs used for the purpose of generating traffic and helps in better outreach.

Paypal , Riot, PSN , Netflix, Origin, Uplay, Minecraft, Steam, LoL, Sneaker Sites. Some sites like Instagram are inconsistent so may or may not work well. Please consult using live support if your needs are different or are your targets are difficult ones. We are transparent with their compatiibility.

Datacenter proxies do not work for Google. For other sites like Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and PayPal, we do not recommend our proxies but our customers can use if they can make it work. Sites ban and unban proxies very frequently so we do not maintain a list as site may working now may not work an hour later. Customers can ask the live support regarding compatibility and will get transparent answer. There are certain sites like Instagram and Yahoo which are inconsistent and may work sometimes and may not work other sites. There will be no refund if the site you bought for doesn't work.

There is no definite answers as of now. We will announce when it's done.

No. Our datacenter proxies are available only via IP auth.

Discord, Nintendo, Instagram, Valorant, Yahoo, Riot Rarely used targets. You can also connect your discord and ask fellow customers in the discord server.

Under no circumstance, the balance topped up on the profile can be refunded. Please buy according to needs.

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