How to Gather Emails from LinkedIn?

gather emails from LinkedIn

Do you want to know how to get emails from LinkedIn profiles? Mail lists have been utilized successfully by individuals and businesses to develop more personal ties with clients. In summary, this post will teach you how to gather emails from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking site for professionals, students, and business owners, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The website’s goal is to bring together and foster communication amongst people who share similar interests. 

Why LinkedIn Email Scraping?

Scraping emails often entails a collection of bots or crawlers that harvest emails to build an email list. Marketing firms and other interested parties typically purchase email lists associated. And, with millions of professional email addresses on display, LinkedIn is most likely today’s most targeted platform.

Some people want to gather emails from LinkedIn for non-intrusive advertising campaigns or recruiting. In this scenario, email scraping is legal. It is an effective tool for connecting LinkedIn members to potential employers.

Private Profiles

LinkedIn does not want you to cross the line of scraping private accounts. The company guarantees its users that their personal information will not be sold or used by third parties. LinkedIn will be in severe trouble if a scraper takes that information.

You would violate LinkedIn’s privacy promise if you sold users’ personal information to businesses for a price. It is not the most moral thing to do. Except for headhunters looking for specific professions in a given region, you can only do this if you are searching for work and interested in finding open positions.

How to Gather Emails from LinkedIn?

There are several methods for gathering emails from LinkedIn. The majority necessitate the use of bots and crawlers. LinkedIn allows users to export and retrieve email addresses with the appropriate permissions. Because of this, we will be recommending LinkedIn’s standard technique in the following section before moving on to the advanced option.

Manual Export

In the Privacy section of your Settings & Privacy tab, you will find an option to download data. From there you can choose the people for whom you want to get contact details. LinkedIn provides easy directions from here onward.

You will receive an email once you have completed the preceding steps. The email contains a link that will allow you to retrieve the data you desire. It is also worth mentioning that you can only gather email addresses from your LinkedIn direct connections.

Nonetheless, you can only get a limited amount of emails, which may be insufficient to suit your needs. As a result, to have total access to all of your contacts’ emails, you must employ the following procedures.

Automated Techniques

This one is a more advanced approach that is employed if the previous one fails. Third-party email scraping methods are used in this scenario to collect email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

There are several applications available for gathering LinkedIn emails. Some charge a price, such as PhantomBuster and ContactOut, while others, such as Skrapp, GetProspect, and SalesQL, are free. Surprisingly, when compared to their paid counterparts, free versions are not necessarily flawed.

Best LinkedIn Scrapers


FollowingLike is a social media management tool for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr, among other platforms. As a result, it is more than just a LinkedIn scraper. FollowingLike permits you to explore LinkedIn by businesses, postings, educational institutions, emails, likes, skills, and other criteria. You may also export the search results.

Because the program includes an Account Manager, you may scrape data from many LinkedIn accounts. You may also use FollowingLike to collect account statistics. Not to mention that it supports proxies natively.


Scrabin is an excellent solution for LinkedIn lead creation, account management, and outbound marketing. There are numerous filters available when searching for LinkedIn leads using Scrabin. 

The search results may then be downloaded as a CSV file or exported to a third-party CRM. Scrabin is accessible as a web app, or you may download and install the Google Chrome extension.


With over 350,000 users, this is a widespread scraping add-on on the internet. You may use it to harvest data from any website or platform, including LinkedIn. The Webscrapper tool is simple to use, with a point-and-click interface

Install its Chrome extension and visit LinkedIn to begin scraping. You can export the gathered data in JSON, CSV, or XLSX format. Also, Webscrapper supports cloud scraping. Overall, this is a very useful and easy-to-use tool.

Using Rotating Proxies

It is simple to scrape public files from LinkedIn or Google. Scrapebox may help you in a variety of scenarios. Also, rotating proxies are the way to go! As a result of its anti-scrape strategy, LinkedIn maintains an extensive list of prohibited IP addresses. The proxy servers in that list are inoperable. You can get clean, rotating proxies from KocerRoxy for your scraping needs.

In certain circumstances, you may not be able to scrape for more than a minute at a time using the same IP address. LinkedIn may blacklist your IP address if you dispatch too many queries from the same IP address. You should use a rotating residential proxy to bypass this.

As you scrape LinkedIn, your IP address will constantly change as proxy IPs switch. You may scrape as much as you like, and even if you submit too many queries, LinkedIn won’t ban you because your traffic won’t come from a single IP address.

For LinkedIn scraping, it is better to use a paid proxy service from a reputable provider rather than a free residential proxy service. The last thing you want is to be recognized when scraping, and for that, you can only trust a reputable proxy service like KocerRoxy.


There are millions of users on LinkedIn who are interested in different professions. It is an excellent platform for connecting with employees, employers, influencers, and fans in your sector.

Although email is the most convenient way to contact them, not all LinkedIn members make their email addresses available on the network. With the tools and software mentioned in this post, you should be able to scrape any LinkedIn email address. Gather emails from LinkedIn right away with a scraper and a proxy!

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