Rotating Residential Proxies

rotating residential proxies

Rotating residential proxies hide your real IP address by using a pool of residential IPs. At regular intervals or with each session, these proxies rotate among themselves. If you use rotating proxies, your IP address will fluctuate frequently. There are no limitations to how many requests you can make without getting blacklisted, blocked, or banned.

Web scraping can provide a lot of data that businesses need. As a result, you may utilize these rotating residential proxies for site scraping, SEO, pricing and leads collection, and more to help your company grow with business analytics and insightful data.

Rotating proxies are simple to use with any HTTP client. Therefore, you can scrape the internet, shop online, and conduct internet marketing research without worrying about bans and blocks.

How Rotating Residential Proxies Work?

Rotating proxies provide you with new IP addresses regularly. The rotation period varies according to the volume of requests or the timeframe. You can, for example, make 300 connection requests from 300 different IP addresses.

In theory, any proxy type can rotate. The problem is with the settings. Most residential proxy servers rotate their IP addresses regularly. Residential proxies can’t be static because they depend on real people with unpredictable connections. At best, you will be able to get a persistent IP address that stays the same for 10 to 30 minutes.

As far as getting data more quickly is concerned, rotating proxies have more advantages than static proxies. Rotating proxies are ideal for tasks that require you to change your IP address frequently. 

At KocerRoxy, you can get rotating residential proxies from a pool of 11 million IP addresses. Proxy addresses rotate automatically with each request. However, you can also create static sessions with rotation fixed at 10 minutes.

Advantages of Rotating Residential Proxies

When using proxy servers, you can avoid blocks for sending too many requests and evade geo-restrictions. Your IP address may be reported as suspicious and blacklisted if it sends a large number of requests within a short period.

However, rotating proxies change your IP address after a certain period or after each session, making it impossible for websites to monitor your actions. So, each batch of requests seems to be coming from a new device or user.

Proxies that rotate come in handy in a variety of situations. Like their non-rotating cousins, they can meet most proxy requirements. Due to their rotating nature, users can make a large number of requests in a short period, even exceeding the maximum allowed of 600 per hour.

  • IP Rotation. A rotating proxy server will change your IP address regularly.
  • Setup. You can use rotating proxies to go through a load-balancing server and have your requests routed to various addresses.
  • Anonymity. Rotating residential proxies offer more anonymity. Because your IP address is changed after each session or after a certain period, it is difficult for website owners to trace your identity or online behavior.
  • Price. The price of a rotating proxy package depends on how much bandwidth you use or how many IP addresses you access at once. At KocerRoxy, the pricing is based on bandwidth.
  • Options. If you use a rotating proxy, you can alter the gateway server settings to change the IP address’ location or how often it cycles. You can also receive as many or as few IP addresses as you want.
  • Problem Solving. Doesn’t your IP address work? If so, try a new IP address from the pool.

Rotating Residential Proxies Use Cases

Scraping massive amounts of data from e-commerce, travel, and hotel websites is a key focus. If you submit too many inquiries from the same IP address, the website will flag you, prompting you to complete CAPTCHAs and finally blocking your IP address.

  • Ad Verification. Advertisers can verify their ads to make sure they appear on the right websites, are seen by the right people, and so on. Because IP addresses change regularly, access to dozens of websites is possible without incurring IP bans.
  • E-commerce Scraping. This use case requires a large number of proxies. Most likely, your IP will be banned, so rotating proxies provide the benefit of changing IP addresses every time.
  • Web Scraping and Web Crawling. Rotating proxies’ continual IP rotation function makes it hard for anti-bot systems to identify or recognize any form of unusual behavior from your crawler or scraper.
  • Price Aggregators. Information is tough to come by for scaling and growing pricing aggregators. As a result, when they visit a vendor’s website as a customer, they employ a rotating proxy to avoid being blocked or banned.
  • SEO. You are less likely to be banned or restricted from making excessive requests on a single IP address when you use a rotating proxy.
  • Website Testing. A website displays information, advertising, and other relevant data based on the viewer’s location. Rotating proxies are an excellent choice if your or your client’s website demands optimal testing settings. Using rotating proxies and an automated tool, test the performance of your website from multiple geo-locations.
  • Travel Aggregators. Most travel fare aggregators gather information from many businesses, such as airlines, hotels, and travel agencies, and disseminate it online. Rotating proxies allow the acquisition of data rapidly and seamlessly from many sources.


Rotating residential proxies let you browse the internet anonymously behind a pool of constantly shifting IP addresses from a single port. These proxies, unlike static residential proxies, swap between IPs in the pool at regular intervals or after each session. Your online identity is constantly changing, allowing you to make as many requests as you want without anyone noticing.

Rotating residential proxies are extremely valuable and provide excellent performance, anonymity, security, and dependability. Because your IP addresses change all the time, it is practically hard for websites to trace your activities and block your traffic.

Every dollar spent must produce at least equal value since money is finite. What are you going to do now? It is time to get the best rotating residential proxies from KocerRoxy!

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