Using Google Proxies for SEO

using Google proxies for SEO

One of the keys to success for businesses at any scale in this day and age is Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. With low SEO, any potential clients might not even know you exist. Instead, they’ll go to one of your competitors that ranked higher. By using Google proxies for SEO and web scraping tools you can find the keywords you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Let’s first go over SEO a little more. Next, I’ll cover some of the things you should keep in mind as you go about your own optimizations. Last, but not least, I’ll explain why proxies are necessary for the process, as well as the types that are best suited for your project.

Search Engine Optimization

To summarize what SEO is, it’s adjusting the content and tags of your website so that search engine algorithms are more likely to list it. There are a lot of components to Google and other search engine’s algorithms for determining what order to display their results in. Some of the main aspects are keywords, backlinks, and ranking. 

The nuances of Google’s algorithms are not something you can master easily, and the priorities are constantly changing.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that an entire industry has grown around improving SEO for reaching new potential clients. Experienced consultants and agencies can charge premium rates for their services. When they do their job well, you can see the fruits of their labor after a few months.

However, there are still actions you can take to improve your SEO yourself while saving quite a lot of money. 

  • You can run audits on your site and any competitors that rank close to or higher than you. Upon comparing the differences, you can make your own adjustments accordingly. 
  • You can reach out to other sites and establish backlinks. This could be by manually posting links yourself, automated links with the help of a bot, or by coming to an agreement with the site owner to include the link themself.
  • You can utilize relevant and popular keywords so that you’re more likely to earn a higher ranking. Keep in mind, slapping random tags at the bottom of your page isn’t as effective as organically incorporating the keywords correctly in your content.
  • You can research Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that contain a great deal of data on several companies all at once without needing to visit their individual sites. Seeing what surfaces on top pages can provide valuable information.

These are all things that SEO tools and proxies can help you with.

SEO Tools

Manually digging through search results and copy-pasting the relevant data would be a massively time-consuming process. The info you gather would definitely help, but there are more optimal uses for your time.

Hiring a skilled SEO consultant is certainly the easiest and most time-saving course of action, but can be rather pricey. 

A financial compromise you can make is investing in a DIY SEO toolkit. The more limited tools are available at low rates, though their generic structure might not suit you well. 

The most economic course of action of all is to program your own bots or data scraper scripts. Another perk of building in-house is that you have full customization over it.

There are a lot of data scraping and parsing modules and libraries out there. No matter your preferred language, there will be at least one library to help you. 

If you don’t already have a specific favorite or are only recently learning how to program, a good choice is Python. It’s one of the easiest languages to learn and use, is highly flexible, and has several libraries available. The leading libraries three are Scrapy, Selenium, and BeautifulSoup

More detailed information on reasons to use python and about the three libraries will be available in a future article.

Google Scraping Best Practices

While Google does a great deal of web scraping itself, it’s not supportive of others doing the same. Also, a lot of the websites you’ll be collecting from will have their own complex defenses in place against web scraping as well. In light of this, one of the most important things to do when scraping Google for SEO purposes is using a good proxy. 

A few other quick things to keep in mind when setting up your scraper is:

  • Don’t follow repetitive scraping patterns.
  • Use a headless browser.
  • Follow Google’s rules as well as websites’ robot.txt requests.
  • Set a referrer URL.
  • Set varied user agents.
  • Rotate IPs regularly.
  • Don’t use too many Google search operators.
  • Set the appropriate geo-location for your IP source.

Proxies For SEO

As mentioned above, a proxy is integral to working on improving your Google SEO rankings. This is because it will hide your IP address by replacing it with one from the IP pool your proxy server provides. That way, Google and the sites you’re visiting don’t realize it’s just you making all of those requests.

Using a free proxy would bear more risks than benefits it provides. No matter how tight the budget, a quality economic proxy service like KocerRoxy is worth investing in.

Apart from maintaining anonymity, utilizing residential IPs from around the world lets you see results based on their locations. If you’re running a global business, this information can provide invaluable insights.

Best Proxies for Google SEO

Residential proxies provide the best security. This is particularly important when botting or scraping to make sure you don’t get blocked or banned. Being a residential IP alone isn’t all you need to concern yourself with, though. You’ll want it to have rotating sessions as well. 

A sticky session that goes too long can be enough for Google or any of the specific sites you visit to realize it’s a bot, considering how many hundreds of requests they can send in a second. Careful bot configurations can circumvent this, but that will require extra effort.

A static residential IP would be even worse than a sticky one in this scenario and would cost more money too.


Google can provide you with any information you want with only a few clicks. By improving your SEO, your site could be one of the first ones your potential clients see when they make a search.

By using Google proxies for SEO, you can scrape like a pro. KocerRoxy has everything you need from a search engine proxy at a great price. Get started today, and reap the benefits of good SEO for yourself!

By Geminel

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