Shared Proxies and Their Benefits

shared proxies

Are you looking for proxies to reach the furthest corners of the internet but are short on funds? If this is the case, shared proxies are the best option to consider. The finest shared proxies provide all of the advantages of private proxies at a reduced cost. In most cases, they can substitute for private networks for most internet activities.

Businesses and individuals can benefit from proxies in many ways. However, there are so many distinct sorts that it is easy to get confused. We will talk about shared proxies in this article. Specifically, what they are, how to utilize them, and all of their advantages.

What Are Shared Proxies?

In general, proxies are middleman IP addresses controlled. In this particular case, multiple users utilize them at once. Two persons, for example, may use a shared proxy server to access Bing, a third Google, and so on. Using these IP addresses is fine for most basic tasks. However, they often have problems with famous websites.

Most people refer to shared proxies as datacenter addresses, which are IP addresses owned by cloud hosting companies. Mobile and residential IP addresses are theoretically working the same way. However, they have distinct designations. For many consumers, shared means affordable, which is not the case with mobile and residential proxies.

Private Proxies vs. Shared Proxies

The distinction between shared and private proxies is that only one user may connect to a private proxy. By selecting the latter, you will have access to a pool of IP addresses that only you will have. You are the only user who can connect to these proxies and apply these IPs to traffic as long as you rent them.

Of course, this makes private proxies more costly since the supplier cannot spread the expenses among several consumers. This sort of service is beneficial for specialized requirements. Web scraping for lead generation is one example. In most circumstances, shared proxies are sufficient.

Free Shared Proxies

It is possible to find free shared proxy servers. However, we advise you to avoid them since they may be untrustworthy. A free proxy distributor isn’t concerned with the quality of its service, and it is doubtful that such a vendor would screen its clients to ensure they are not using proxies for illicit activities.

As a result, there is a good possibility you will encounter a lot of blocks, CAPTCHAs, and other troubles if you attempt utilizing free shared proxies. If you use KocerRoxy’s proxies, you won’t have to look for free alternatives. The various pricing levels will help you remain inside your budget.

Advantages of Shared Proxies

Although sharing your proxy address with other users may sound puzzling, it is a widely used practice with various advantages. Some people think that they are less effective than dedicated private proxies. Despite this, they serve a variety of tasks and are perfect allies in content-restricted settings.


Some contend that using a shared IP address is equally as efficient and successful as using private proxies. It all relies on the user’s requirements. When you buy proxies from a trustworthy proxy service like KocerRoxy, you can be sure that the supplier will optimize the proxy consumption for each customer.

KocerRoxy analyzes each client to see how they plan to use the proxies. As a result, they guarantee that none of their customers utilize proxies for illegal activities. It helps to keep IPs clean and customers secure.


A shared IP address makes it hard for anyone to determine your true identity. Therefore, you can use them for the majority of commercial and everyday purposes, including data collection. Just test the proxies before you go for a big bundle to make sure the IPs are working.

Despite the widespread belief that shared proxies are less effective than private ones, they are just as effective when utilized correctly. It is important to remember that we are referring to proxies provided by respected providers, not free shared proxies.


Shared proxies have the major benefit of being less costly than dedicated proxies. As a result, many individuals choose to utilize a shared IP address. Because proxy companies offer the same IP addresses to several customers, operating shared proxy servers is less expensive. As a result, their prices are lower since they pool their costs.

Sharing proxies may be a viable option for newcomers to experiment with until they discover the exact needs for their project while keeping initial costs low. They may also find out if shared proxies are viable for their business in the long run.

The Drawbacks of Shared Proxies

Obviously, this type of proxies has some drawbacks like any other, and you need to be aware of them all before making a choice. As a result of the others using the same IP address, you may experience problems. Let’s call these people your neighbors. If you share the proxy with others, they may connect to it with malicious intent, or they may misuse it. The IP address is eventually blocked, and you experience the repercussions, such as a clogged scraping process.

In addition, since you are sharing bandwidth with others while using shared proxies, your bandwidth may decrease. The number of customers and the distribution of proxy servers among them can have an impact on a provider’s speed.

Finally, since you share the same IP address as other people, you may face CAPTCHAs. However, the likelihood of this occurring is minimal since several users might share the same IP address if they connect to a WiFi hotspot in a public location.


Shared proxies offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks. However, before getting anonymity for your online activities, you need to examine a few aspects and choose a trusted proxy service.

Whether you utilize a shared proxy or a dedicated proxy is totally based on your needs. Private proxies are faster and generally perform better. Shared proxies are cheaper. Try them out and go over the deals from KocerRoxy.

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