Proxy Service for Affiliate Link Testing

proxy service for affiliate link testing

Testing links is the best approach to uncover affiliate fraud, weak affiliate links, and how affiliate businesses handle customers depending on their location. While you can do URL verification manually, it is more often than not done automatically to streamline the process and save time. As a result, you will need a proxy service for affiliate link testing.

URL testing is essential for any affiliate marketing program, advertiser, or website owner. It may help you optimize your workflow, discover dead affiliate links, expose unsafe websites, and test for geo-location targeting, language, and stability.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward: you share links to promote a product or service online. You receive a percentage of every transaction made via your links. The most important thing for an affiliate marketer is to have a successful campaign. Your links must convert. Testing your affiliate links is one approach to assess their success ahead of time. Making educated guesses regarding the efficacy of your affiliate links will not assist. You must experiment.

Test your affiliate links by acting as the audience. You monitor your links in the same way that anyone in your target audience would. If there are any issues, you may repair them before beginning your campaign, which aids in optimization.

Some affiliate marketers use A/B testing on their affiliate links. Consider a scenario where you have created two or more campaigns for the same offer. You must determine which is the most effective in terms of conversions. You will be able to achieve this with dedicated A/B testing.

Websites lose visitors as a consequence of broken links, which affects income. Tests are therefore critical to the performance marketing industry. Connecting multiple sites, verifying that destination sites are available, and ensuring a steady flow of information is not easy.

Having your brand promoted on scamming websites can damage your reputation, and that is more important than the traffic that can bring. Also, a website with a high spam score pointing toward you can damage your SEO ranking on various search engines. So, overall, your traffic may also decline.

Test your affiliate links to ensure that your partners’ websites function correctly. Additionally, you will confirm that traffic comes your way and through the right channels. Today, some technologies make testing affiliate links easier, such as proxies.

Is it necessary to use a proxy service for affiliate testing? The response might be both yes and no, depending on the circumstances. However, proxies are not required if you wish to test a URL and there are no locational constraints in your test, and you will not be sending too many requests to the webserver.

What effect do broken links, unreliable affiliates, and malicious websites have on your reputation and customers? Do you put affiliate links to the test to see how they work for people all around the world? By asking yourself these questions, it becomes evident how essential it is to use a trustworthy, quick, and high-quality proxy service for affiliate link testing.

It is critical to understand that high-quality proxies for usage in your work are not inexpensive. Social networks and most websites have already blocked most free proxies. In the end, your accounts will still be banned, which will take extra time and money.

Furthermore, by employing a free proxy, you risk other things as well. Nothing is free nowadays. If you don’t pay money for your proxy service, you will pay with some other stuff, like your personal data. Everyone has to make money for a living. Most free proxy providers make money by selling your data or by sending you targeted ads that may contain malware.

Prices may vary by region. Therefore, buying a proxy in South Africa is less costly than in the United States. Other factors to consider are your provider’s pricing options, as well as the number and kind of proxies required.

Proxies are easy to get on the market. They are plentiful, but not all of them are created equal. Some may help only for specific use cases. If you don’t know what you are doing, you can end up with the wrong provider.

KocerRoxy offers over 11 million residential IP addresses for affiliate link testing. It enables you to test affiliate links, validate ads, test localization, and more by targeting any of their 11 countries.

Proxy addresses rotate after each request or after a predetermined period. Residential proxies from KocerRoxy enable you to keep sessions open for up to 10 minutes. They also offer datacenter proxies. There is no free trial, but you can try their proxies with the 1 GB or 1-day plans.

Datacenter Proxies or Residential Proxies?

For affiliate testing, most firms employ residential proxies. Proxy services rent the IPs directly from an internet service provider or an end-user. Thus, websites consider these IP addresses to be coming from legitimate users. Websites do not immediately identify them since their IPs are legitimate. Therefore, you are unlikely to get banned. 

Additionally, residential proxies are very helpful for geo-targeting a specific location. Datacenter proxies come only from the locations where the provider has physical servers. If your project requires specific locations, then finding the right location may be challenging with datacenter proxies.

You may still use datacenter proxies for affiliate link testing even though websites detect these proxies more easily. This kind of proxy is fast and would be ideal if you just wanted to do an A/B test on a handful of URLs.


A simple, less time-consuming method of controlling affiliate traffic and eliminating dead links is emerging. This way, you increase your return on investment and concentrate more on your most important partnerships.

Test websites and URLs using proxies with proven capacity to deliver results. Choose KocerRoxy, the best proxy service for affiliate link testing right now!

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