Proxies for Shopify Bots

proxies for Shopify bots

People and businesses wishing to sell online can take advantage of Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform. The usage of bots and proxies for Shopify bots has increased on Shopify sites in recent years.

Shopify bots can seem like real people and easily purchase products. To do so, use the IP address of another desktop device. Geo-targeting may be used to identify proxies local to your Shopify site’s servers. 

You must utilize the best proxies accessible if you want your Shopify bot to stay undetectable. Real residential IP addresses will mask your bot as a real user’s desktop device, making it almost impossible to detect. Do you need speed? Then set up datacenter proxies that are less expensive and quicker.

Shopify Bots: What Are They?

Shopify bots are automated programs that can add things to a shopping cart and check them out automatically. People use these programs to get first dibs on limited-edition merchandise, such as shoes.

You may take advantage of any dip in the market with Shopify bots. The majority of bots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are popular among entrepreneurs who have built businesses around them. Each bot has a distinct characteristic, yet they all provide such superior services that it is difficult to resist trying them out.

Shopify bots are critical to the success of your shopping goals. Bots, of course, have captcha solvers, which allow them to be anonymous online. Nevertheless, that is not all. Using a rotating residential IP address, the bot can appear to be a human user.

Using proxies to mask the IP address of Shopify’s auto-checkout bots is necessary because they can perform a variety of functions. These bots can add to cart, auto-refresh, do keywords search, and complete checkout on Spotify and other websites. Get the best Shopify proxies from KocerRoxy for optimal performance.

Problems with Proxies for Shopify Bots

Shopify has become fairly adept at detecting auto-checkout bots. Because it drives so much of the online commerce industry, it is under a lot of pressure to block bots and proxies. In most cases, Shopify detects data center proxies and prohibits bulk purchases, so you cannot buy a lot of stuff through them.

The majority of Shopify bots have lousy fingerprints. They can thus be detected and blocked despite using residential proxies. Speak with the seller to guarantee your Shopify auto-checkout bot has a good fingerprint. Keep your bots up to date at all times to remain ahead of the competition.

Using Datacenter Proxies for Shopify Bots

You can still use datacenter proxies for some Shopify shops. However, you must ensure that the proxy server you want to utilize is in the same or close proximity to the target to minimize ping or latency. Your bot can then submit queries to these sites more quickly.

CDNs hold the Shopify servers. Therefore, you must ensure that your server is in the same region as your proxy server. The proximity to the website’s CDN determines how fast a proxy is. Therefore, you must understand how to get the location of the Shopify shop. You may then use this to purchase proxies in those places or sites nearby.

Enter the domain name into Whois. The next page will provide information on the website, its hosting location, and CDN details. When purchasing the proxies, you will need the location information. 

The Best Proxies for Shopify Bots

The best Shopify proxies are without a doubt residential proxies. They are the IP addresses of real devices coming from ISPs. Shopify notices bots with ease. Use software that uses unique fingerprints and authentic residential IP addresses.

Datacenter proxies are faster, but Shopify can readily identify them and quickly block the majority of datacenter proxies. We recommend using residential Shopify proxies. Ensure, however, that your bot is capable of avoiding fingerprinting detection.

KocerRoxy advanced network is compatible with all bots. It is simple to set up and has top-notch customer support. They provide both residential and datacenter proxies with above-average speed.

When it comes to disguising your Shopify bot, KocerRoxy’s 11 million residential proxy IP pool is excellent. Thus, the speed, the number of IPs available, compatibility, and customer support, are only some of the factors that make KocerRoxy the go-to provider for residential proxies for Shopify bots.

Helpful Suggestions 

Never use free proxies. The proxy transmits your credit card information. You may end up paying a high price if you use a free proxy for payments. Choose only a reliable provider for proxies for Shopify bots, like KocerRoxy.

Having a server in one nation and the proxies in another is the same as taking one step forward and two steps back. When it comes to speed on Shopify sites, you need an IP address close to your target. Ensure your proxy servers are in proximity to the server of the shop. KocerRoxy has residential proxies from 11 countries spread all around the globe.

Assign a different payment card to each Shopify proxy. Basically, you can’t use an unlimited number of IP addresses since you don’t have an unlimited number of cards. Shopify sites see multiple requests that use the same payment card as a red flag, and they will ban you as a consequence.


It is best to avoid using free Shopify solutions on the Internet. In the event of a free proxy, your sensitive data will be sent via an untrusted node, putting your safety at risk. All tools involved in payment processing must protect payment data and credit cards.

Finally, that is all you need to know about Shopify bots, proxies, and websites. You now know where to look and how to behave. All that remains is to put the pieces together. Get yourself a good Shopify bot, some proxies, and start the shopping spree!

It is best to use Shopify bots in conjunction with proxies. Always strive to get the best tools for your business and projects to get the most out of them. Choose KocerRoxy’s proxies for Shopify bots right now!

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